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Arcadia, CA signers can connect with an online notary public using a mobile device or computer webcam.

Why use an online notary?


Arcadia, California signers can get their documents remotely notarized online with a commissioned notary public using a mobile device or computer webcam


The average online notary session takes no more than 5-10 minutes


Documents are digitally sealed to protect against fraud and tampering


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Frequently asked questions about Arcadia online notary

Can a California resident use an online rather than a traditional in-person notary?

Yes!  Californians looking to have their documents notarized remotely can access these services in any other state that currently offers remote online notarization. Under the California Civil Code 1189(b), a notarial certificate from another state is valid as long as it complies with the laws of that state. Currently, California does not allow its own notaries to perform remote online notarization. However, thanks to the passing of California Senate Bill 696 in 2023, remote online notary (RON) will be implemented in California by January 1, 2030 or sooner.

What is the current status of the rules for California online notary?

According to the California Secretary of State, Californians looking to have their documents notarized remotely can seek services in a state where remote online notarization is currently available. According to California Civil Code 1189(b), an acknowledgment taken in another state will be considered valid in California if it’s done according to that state’s laws. Furthermore, the introduction of Remote Online Notarization (RON) in California is underway with the passage of Senate Bill 696 in 2023. This legislation sets a target start date of January 1, 2030, though there is potential for an earlier launch if the Secretary of State completes the necessary technology project ahead of schedule.

What do I need for my online notary session?

After scheduling your notary session, upload each document to be notarized in PDF format. You will need the following for your California online notary session:

  • A computer or smartphone with a web browser and video.
  • A current government–issued photo ID. For Californians who are US citizens or residents, you can use your California driver’s license or US passport. Non-us citizens or residents will need to have their international passport.
What are the advantages of an online notary over an in-person California notary?

Convenience: Connect with your notary from anywhere with an internet connection

Speed:  Online notary sessions typically take 10 minutes or less

Security:  Enhanced identity verification and digital signing

Accessibility:  Ideal for those in remote areas or with mobility issues

Sustainability:  No paper use or travel

Do I receive a physical wet-ink copy of a document remotely notarized online?

With an online notary, you won’t receive a physical wet-ink copy.  Instead, you’ll receive a digitally signed and sealed document in PDF format. Paper hard copies with wet ink signatures are not available.

Do I need to be physically in California during an online notary session?

You don’t need to be in California to attend an online notary session. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world because the online notarization “virtually” takes place at the notary’s location.

How secure is virtual notary for California signers?

Virtual notary services are highly secure, with strict state regulations, advanced document and communications technology, and thorough identity verification. Documents are sealed with digital signing certificates, and all online notary sessions are recorded and stored securely with detailed audit trails for transparency and accountability.

California recognizes online notarizations that are properly performed by notaries of other states under the California Civil Code.

What is the difference between a California eNotary and a remote online notary?

Both eNotary and remote online notary involve the electronic signing and sealing of a digital document, in contrast to wet ink and paper signatures and seals. But with a California eNotary, the signer still must be in the physical presence of the notary public. With remote online notary, California signers can legally appear by remote Internet video camera.

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Online notary lets you legally appear in the presence of a commissioned notary over Internet video. Far more secure and easy than in-person notary, online notarization simplifies document signing.

In an online notary transaction, the notary and principal sign an electronic document. It is therefore recommended that a signer contact the applicable county clerk’s office to confirm that the electronic document can be eRecorded.

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