Notary session guidelines

Please review the following important guidelines before scheduling an online notary session

  • Each notarized document is delivered to you in electronic format with the online notary’s digital signing certificate applied. We cannot make available wet ink and hardcopies of notarized documents, nor can we deliver any wet ink certification of hardcopy printouts of electronically signed and notarized documents (known as “papering out”). Please make sure your document recipient will accept your notarized document(s) in electronic format only.

  • Our online notaries can notarize just about any type of document. But here are some document types that we cannot notarize:
    • Last will & testament documents – including wills, codicils, will amendments, and testamentary trusts. (Please note that we can notarize living wills.) 
    •  I-9 Forms 
    • Automobile titles 
    • Documents that are intended for use outside the United States

  • If your document requires signing witnesses, please make sure to have such persons present with you in the same physical location during the live notary session. We cannot make available any such witnesses.

  • Please include all pages of the document to be notarized (and not just the signature page).

  • Fill in all required fields and blank spaces in your document (except for the notary certificate space). The signer is solely responsible for making sure all fields and blank spaces of each document to be notarized are completely filled out and that all sections and pages are included (with the exception of the notary certificate verbiage). 

  • We cannot guarantee that a notary commissioned in a particular state will be assigned to your notary session. Our notaries are commissioned in certain states that authorize notaries to perform remote online notarizations. Most states recognize out-of-state notarizations as being as legally valid as in-state notarizations. That is why signers from all fifty US states use our service. That said, if your legal requirements or document recipient specifically requires a notary commissioned in a particular state from which we do not have an available notary, then we will not be able to assist you.

  • If your document is not notarized in a manner that complies with the laws and rules that govern the notary assigned to your session, we will be happy to arrange for the notarization to be performed again for you at no charge. We do not provide any further guarantees or remedies. We cannot provide any guarantees that your document recipient will accept a document that is properly notarized by means of remote online notarization or that is notarized and signed in electronic form. Your document recipient might have specific requirements that are independent of the rules and laws that govern the notary’s performance of remote online notarization. We cannot guarantee that the notarization will comply with such requirements, nor are we or the assigned notary obligated to follow such requirements. Please consult with your document recipient on any such requirements before you schedule a session with one of our notaries.

  • Given the variety of factors that might impact your notary session, we cannot guarantee that your notary session will be completed or that it will be completed at a specific time. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule your session request as soon as possible. We are not responsible for the satisfaction of any deadlines or time requirements to which you are subject.

  • The notary assigned to your notary session cannot provide any legal advice regarding, or guidance on the contents of, the documents to be notarized. If you have any questions as to the contents or subject matter of the documents to be notarized, please seek the advice of an attorney.

  • We provide you the option of having the session payment link and the download link to your notarized documents emailed to a third-party email address designed in the session request form. This service is provided only as a convenience and is without any guaranty, representation, or warranty. If you select this option, it is solely your responsibility to confirm that your intended email recipient has indeed received the email.

  • The transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure. Although we strive to protect any personally identifiable information (PII) contained in your documents and communicated during your notary session, we cannot guarantee the security of such PII. Accordingly, any transmission of PII is at your own risk