Become an online notary in Oregon

Here is a summary of the process:

Online notary training

Watch the online training video created by the Secretary of State. You will also train on the remote online notary platform that you choose to use. You must already have your Oregon notary commission before becoming an Oregon remote online notary public.

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Select a remote online notary technology

You must sign up with a qualified remote online notary vendor that is approved by the State of Oregon. is one such vendor. The vendor must meet system requirements set forth in OAR 160-100-0800 and OAR 160-100-0850.

Also, purchase a digital signing certificate. The type of signing certificate or seal that you obtain will be determined by which vendor you select. Your signing certificate and seal will be submitted to the Secretary of State’s office with your remote notarization notice. The seal or signing certificate must allow someone to determine when the document was digitally signed.

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Submit your notice to the state

Complete the Remote ​Notarization Notice form​​ and email the completed form and a copy of the electronic stamp and digital signature that you will be using to​.

The Secretary of State will review the submitted request to ensure all the requirements are met. An acknowledgment will be sent either approving or rejecting the request. Once your request is approved, you may begin performing remote online notarizations.

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