Become an online notary in Nevada

Here is a summary of the process:

Be registered with the State and pass the exam

Before applying to be a Nevada online notary public, you must have a regular notary commission and complied with the requirements of to taking an oath and filing a bond set forth in NRS 240.030 and 240.033.

Sign into the  Secretary of State’s Business Portal website and register for the state-mandated training course to become an eNotary.

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Select online notary technology platform

Select the technology or device that the registrant intends to use to perform online notarizations pursuant to state-mandated procedures to create you electronic signature in performing electronic notarial acts.


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Submit your registration

Unless the Secretary of State establishes a different process for submitting the registration, the registration as an electronic notary public must be submitted as an electronic document by electronic mail to or, if another electronic mail address is designated by the Secretary of State, to such other designated electronic mail address. The registration must include: (a) All information required to be included in an application for appointment as a notary public pursuant to NRS 240.030; (b) A description of the texchnology or device you will use to create your electronic signature in performing online notarial acts; and (c) your electronic signature..

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Nevada Secretary of State:
Nevada Secretary of State | 101 N Carson Street Suite 3 Carson City, Nevada 89701 | (775) 684-5708
eNotary FAQs can be found HERE.