Become an online notary in Minnesota

Here's a summary of the process:

Hold a regular notary commission

You must already have your Minnesota notary commission before becoming a Minnesota remote online notary public.

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Select a remote online notary technology provider and obtain your digital signing certificate

You must sign up with a qualified remote online notary communications technology vendor. is one such vendor. The vendor must meet system requirements set forth in Minnesota Statutes 358.645.

The type of signing certificate or seal that you obtain will be determined by which vendor you select. The seal or signing certificate must seal the electronic document in a manner that is capable of independent verification and renders any subsequent change or modification to the electronic document evident.

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Fill out and submit your application to the state

The notary public must register for the authorization to perform remote online notarization with the Secretary of State by completing a Remote Online Notarization Authorization Registration Form. The notary public must certify that the notary intends to use communication technology that conforms to Minnesota Statutes 358.645, Subd. 2.

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Mail your form to: 
Minnesota Secretary of State 
Notary Retirement Systems of Minnesota Building 
60 Empire Drive, Suite 100 
St Paul, Minnesota 55103 

Upon the acceptance of the application, you will receive an email notification from the Secretary of State authorizing you to perform remote online notarizations. This filing will be recorded on your notary commission record.