Fill out and notarize online your Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates

Once your electronic form is submitted, you can get it notarized by a licensed online notary.

$25 for US signers ($10 per additional stamp)

Form 04-2023-E

1. Fill out your selected form online

Click and type to fill in all the required fields of the form.

Computer and smart phone video conference

2. Notarize your document online

Connect with an online notary public with Internet video.

Stamp and notarized document

3. Download your sealed document

Your completed document is legally notarized and digitally sealed.


Does my state allow online notary?

You can access an online notary public from any US state — and from anywhere in the world.

1. Nearly all US states have embraced Remote Online Notarization (RON), allowing their own notaries to perform online notarizations. has notaries in most states that legally authorize RON.

2. Even if we don’t have a notary specifically in your state, you can still access an online notary who is commissioned another state. The “comity” principle ensures all US states recognize official acts like notarizations from other states. So, if needed, we can connect you with a qualified online notary from another state who complies with their regulations.

If you have a specific legal requirement that mandates a notary from your state from which we do not have an available notary, using our service might not be possible.  In such cases, we recommend seeking a local notary to ensure compliance with specific requirements.

What do I need for my online notary session?

Phone and computer

Computer or phone browser

Your computer, phone, or tablet must have a working webcam. You can access the session by clicking a web browser link. No application download is needed!

Wifi signal

Strong internet connection

You can use a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Your network connection should be strong and not have security or firewall blocking features.

ID and passport

Photo ID

US signers can use their state, drivers license, state ID, or US passport. Non-US signers can use their international passport.